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You can stick your Crypto-confusion. I don’t have time.

It’s the rebuttal I often get when attempting to introduce the meaningfulness of my working existence as a Bitcoin Cash developer. And to be fair, us tech-heads have gone a long way to deserve that reputation.
All the glamour and attention that Bitcoin attracted in the giddy rise of the first eight years have been readily eroded by the complicated introductions, political dirges and nerve-wracking chain-splits. I mean, how hard can it be to give someone five bucks for a coffee?

That being said, if a peer-to-peer crypto does acquire sufficient market traction, then mark my words, mass adoption will steam-roll every other competing crypto without regard for the intelligence, reputation or wealth of those who built it. There really is no point bemoaning publicly over the history, politics or personal flame-wars; it will be irrelevant to the masses.

So if I am correct, and adoption is the key to success, then the ‘fittest’ crypto candidate will have not only relevant form and function, but the support of a multi-faceted, passionate and  constructive community focused on rebuilding the reputation of digital currency. And at the same time, a group with a laser focus creating the seamless utility that makes even the most cash-filled-mattress-loving grandparents envious.

This is why I have committed my business to supporting the development of Bitcoin Cash. And why I promote its adoption.

If you’re one of those “too confused” people and are even just a touch curious, then please do make the effort to find a local Bitcoin Cash Meetup; they’re a really great (and diverse) bunch of people. Here in North Queensland, our next Meetup is on May 3rd.

Dr. Paul Chandler
CEO and Founder