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Software Services

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   Digital TrAnsformation

Boost Productivity

Software is your weapon against human error, operational inconsistency and clawing back profits from ever increasing wage bills.

Whether it be configuration, customisation, documentation or integration of an existing solution or creating a custom productivity powerhouse - we've got your back.

  • Increase operational visibility

  • Reducing or eliminating data entry

  • Improving data consistency through smart data validation and auto-completion

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of customer communication

  • Implementing systems to ensure operator-independent quality and compliance

  • Support your own innovation rather than follow everyone else

  Off The Shelf Solutions

Extract Value

Off the shelf software can provide good value where it fits your needs. A key element of extracting the best value is to have it configured as best possible to meet your needs and maintained to follow the changes in your business and the market it serves.

  • Requirements analysis

  • Business case preparation

  • Off-the-shelf solution identification and review

  • Alignment and mapping of business and software workflows

  • Creating business process oriented documentation for software users

  • Assessment of user satisfaction

    Customisation & Integration


If you're an innovator in your market, there's a good chance that off-the-shelf solutions have left you high and dry. We offer services that will support your innovation by integrating systems, customising existing products or even creating your own software.

We appreciate that customised software in not just an up-front cost, but an asset that needs to be maintained. The solutions we promote are created with a view to be maintainable and to stack up in a lifecycle cost analysis.

  • Requirements gap analysis

  • Lifecycle cost estimation

  • Technical specification preparation

  • Software project development and execution

  • Software development

  • Project implementation review


Realise your vision

Bringing a software product to life requires respect for the journey that it needs to take. A software product is far more than a thing or an end-point.

From digital prototype to scalable solution, we'll help you test the market, optimise user experience and create a robust and engaging solution.

  • Wireframes & prototypes
  • Server, SaaS and mobile applications
  • User requirements & experience analysis
  • Product roadmaps & feature identification
  • Tech team management for non-techincal founders
  • Off-shore developer management
        Critical Systems

Manage risk

Software has become a critical building block for almost all business. You can't afford to have digital down-time or be making decisions on the wrong data.

We understand that software needs to 'just work' and free your time to do what you do best - to do business.

  • Software risk analysis

  • Business technology resilience requirements analysis

  • Software and hardware failure-mode optimisation

  • Disaster recovery planning and documentation

  • Cyber security risk analysis and optimisation

     Specialist Service

Electronic Cash

We specialise in providing solutions which meet the modern trend for direct peer-to-peer services through decentralised networks, including:

  • Bitcoin Cash - peer to peer cash payments including micro-payments

  • Blockchain - decentralised, zero/limited trust ledger applications

  • Cryptography - encryption and digital signatures for documents and messaging

  • Distributed applications - peer to peer applications including 'Web3'

   Specialist Service

Emergent Coding

Where-ever possible, we apply the principles of industrial software design, also known as Emergent Coding. This revolutionary approach provides a range of benefits to our customers including:

  • Low-cost features designed into your software

  • Very high degree of repeatability due to automated design and integration

  • Access to a global network of specialist software design knowledge

  • Feature maintenance is financially incentivised

Aptissio is THE global leader in the practice of Emergent Coding with over 1600 on-line design services.

Every business deserves the software that
supports their innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we create low-cost custom software?

Our low cost of software development comes from the fact that we not only automate our design processes, but we also tap into a global market of  automated sofware design in real-time.

We are able to harness and include the design knowledge of global experts in milli-seconds, which comes at a fraction of the cost of a generalist developer at an hourly rate.

This global real-time market place supports the practice of Emergent Coding in which we are global experts.

What is 'electronic cash'?

Electronic cash comes with the attributes of choice and privacy that you might associate with the notes and coins you used to carry around, but also the security and convenience of electronic banking.

Simply put, "your money , your choice, your convenience".

Aptissio believes there is one mature blockchain which has the necessary properties and excels at being electronic cash. It is the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

You can read more about Bitcoin Cash in our resource collection.

What is a critical software system?

Critical software systems are those that cause a large financial consequence when they fail to operate or become inaccessible. These include financial systems, operational management systems, plant control and safety systems.

Business is often reluctanct to change or maintain these systems for fear of their failure and the impact it will cause.

The creation and maintenance of these systems requires specialist knowledge of risks and failure mode behaviours to minimise the impact of failures and communicate the current risk to system maintainers and users.